Vertically integrated energy provider.


PetaWatt is a vertically integrated energy, facilities & service provider to high demand energy consumers, such as blockchain cryptominers, hydroponic operators, and data centers.

With a history of delivering mission critical integrated solutions to complex information technology services, the PetaWatt team is uniquely situated to address the emerging global needs of emerging high energy demand users.

Leveraging strategic relationships with primarily renewable energy providers, PetaWatt aligns renewable and distressed power generation sources with medium to large-scale energy comsumers that require significant, constant power at low cost.

The attributes and economics of each site are matched specifically to support the individual needs of the client.

PetaWatt builds co-located facilities at energy sources in order to create an energy hub that provides energy to diverse market segments such as hydroponics and blockchain cryptomining. This symbiotic structure creates significant jobs in economically distressed communities, while providing energy partners with higher prices for electricity, and high energy demand customers, a high capacity, constant power source.

PetaWatt’s ultimate success story is the resulting economic win for the local community, utility, and client.



PetaWatt has an energy portfolio of over one Gigawatt of available aggregated generation capacity for its clients.

Our generation sources span upstate New York, parts of New England and German Switzerland.  Each site is carefully selected and matched to the individual offtaker based upon generation types, economics, load profile and seasonality.

PetaWatt's expertise focuses on developing local smart energy hubs.  The Energy Hub is a mixture of data centers, hydroponic produce operators, cryptominers and energy distribution to local businesses and residences in the form of Community Distributed Generation (CDG).

Sources include

Natural Gas Cogeneration

Cogeneration is a more efficient use of fuel because otherwise wasted heat from electricity generation is put to some productive use. ... Combined cooling, heat and power systems can attain higher overall efficiencies than cogeneration or traditional power plants.


Biomass power is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills, openly burned, or left as fodder for forest fires. When burned, the energy in biomass is released as heat.

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy (WTE), is a term that is used to describe various technologies that convert non-recyclable waste into usable forms of energy including heat, fuels and electricity. WTE can occur through a number of processes such as incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, and landfill gas recovery.



PetaWatt's proprietary platform, leverages machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to optimize power availability specific to the offtakers loads. 

Using live energy market data and custom business rules specific for blockchain, the decisioning engine generates realtime and forecasted scheduling for market participants.



PetaWatt provides all the necessary infrastructure to support our client's physical hardware.  This service level is ideal for blockchain cryptominers and data centers.

With fluctuating energy rates, tariffs, regulations and market conditions, we manage all the ancillary services necessary including power, HVAC (heating/cooling/air handling and flow), allowing you to focus on your business.





Dean is a successful and well-known global investment professional & Entrepreneur. Dean started his career at Goldman Sachs. He is the former Global Chief Investment Officer of Deutsche Bank and CEO of Citi Alternatives.


Head of Strategy and Business Development

Markus is a successful career entrepreneur and known expert in cryptomining. In addition to building one of the largest digital mining location and energy providers in Switzerland he is very involved with a number or world leading, industrial-size cryptomining groups requiring large amounts of energy.


Head of Energy Operations and Strategy

Jason is an expert in building energy solutions for large corporations and global security concerns. Jason has been involved in Blockchain based peer to peer lending. He is ISO (Independent System Operators) trained and very involved with the renewable energy community.


Head of Business Operations and Property

Robert is a very successful developer and construction expert. He has developed commercial projects in Texas, California, and New York. Robert has an extensive network of contacts in the construction industry.


Chief Technology Officer

James is a very successful software entrepreneur where he has built and successfully sold companies based on the applications he has developed. James current focus is on energy hub optimization frameworks.

Francesco Andreoli

Director Business Development and Engineer ETH

Francesco, a graduate of the renown Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, is a crypto mining expert since the advent of the blockchain. He has designed, helped build and operated mining farms around the globe. He has been a crypto community builder since 2014 organizing blockchain events from San Francisco to Zurich.