Vertically Integrated Energy

PetaWatt is a vertically integrated energy, facilities & service provider to high demand energy consumers, such as blockchain crypto-miners, hydroponic operators, and data centers.

The First Of Its Kind

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Carefully Selected

PetaWatt has an energy portfolio of over one Gigawatt of available aggregated generation capacity for its clients.

Our generation sources span upstate New York, parts of New England and German Switzerland.  Each site is carefully selected and matched to the individual off-taker based upon generation types, economics, load profile and seasonality.

PetaWatt's expertise focuses on developing local smart energy hubs.  The Energy Hub is a mixture of data centers, hydroponic produce operators, crypto-miners and energy distribution to local businesses and residences in the form of Community Distributed Generation (CDG).

Natural Gas Cogeneration

Cogeneration is a more efficient use of fuel because otherwise wasted heat from electricity generation is put to some productive use. ... Combined cooling, heat and power systems can attain higher overall efficiencies than cogeneration or traditional power plants.


Hydroelectric power or hydroelectricity, is a form of energy that harnesses the power of water in motion including waterfalls, rivers, etc... An energy form thats been used for millennia, Petawatt is focused on this plentiful, renewable resource.


Services Built for High Energy Density Applications

With fluctuating energy rates, tariffs, regulations and market conditions, we manage all the ancillary services necessary including power, HVAC (heating/cooling/air handling and flow), allowing you to focus on your business.


Petawatt offers a variety of hosting services from a bring-your-own-hardware option to fully sourced and provisioned services.


Leverage modular data center support. Ship pre-provisioned hardware for plug and play applications.

Data Centers

At select locations, custom building design & construction is available. Bring your own design and optionally manage build-outs.




Installed Clients


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